Cocktails & Beer



Moscato Mojito- havana Club, lime, mint, pomegranate, topped with pink moscato
Dirty Carpet Disco- chambord, absolut vanilla, mixed berries, pink grapefruit juice, soda
Jimmy Chew- absolut vodka, st-germain elderflower liqueur, lychees, watermelon, cloudy apple juice
Santiago Sour- encantto pisco, peach liqueur, fresh lemon, grapefruit bitters, egg white
Makers Me Happy- marker’s mark bourbon, white chocolate liqueur, in-house bitters, orange garnish
Rosewater Ricky- hendrick’s gin, rose syrup, berries, bitters, soda, rosewater mist
Smooth Sailing- sailor jerry spiced rum, blood orange liqueur, pineapple juice, lime, passionfruit, grated nutmeg
Raspberry Blossom- belvedere vodka, peach liqueur, raspberries, sugar, fresh lemon, petals

Cocktails Jugs (For Two)

Pimm’s Bling- pimm’s, tanqueray gin, mint, orange, strawberries, cucumber, lemonade, dry ginger ale
Good-Bye Summer- belvedere vodka, apple liqueur, vanilla, cranberry juice, citrus, bitters, soda

Opera Bar Beers

Opera Bar Organic Pale Ale - a Beer with its own Bar.
When you’re at Opera Bar be sure to sample one of our world famous, award winning beers. Choose from the Opera Bar Organic Pale Ale ( known as OB Pale ) on tap or the Opera Bar Organic Blonde in a bottle. Both beers are brewed exclusively for Opera Bar by David Hollyoak at Redoak Brewery, Australia’s most awarded brewer. Opera Bar beers are brewed ‘true to style’ using organic ingredients and traditional methods. They contain no added sugar, preservatives or additives.

Opera Bar Organic Pale Ale $7.50
Opera Bar Organic Pale Ale is an award winning beer brewed using certified organically grown malt & hops. A specially chosen yeast strain, in combination with unique hop varieties gives tropical fruit character to this beer. Opera Bar Pale Ale is finished with a firm hop bitterness and rich malty flavour.

Opera Bar Organic Blonde $8.00
Opera Bar Organic Blonde is a Belgian style wheat beer made using organic malted wheat and barley. Brewed with a unique yeast strain creating a low bitterness and spiced with orange and coriander. The slight sweetness gives way to a crisp acidity on the finish making this unique beer light and refreshing with spicy fruit flavours. OB Blonde was the highest scored Australian Wheat Beer 2007 at The Sydney Royal Beer Competition.