Hugh Wilson

September 17, 2017

Hugh is an Australian-American vocalist, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer.

Hugh’s band ‘Vertigo reached the Australian top 40 in the late 90s, and Hugh has released over 25 independent album releases under either his own name or with Brooklyn Social, King Luan, Huboi, Gnome Project, Pistols for Lily, Drowning Jester and Monkey Farm. Hugh’s also provided vocals for Steve Deal band, Sarah Fimm, Berik Kulmamirov and many many others.

Aside from sessions, Hugh is always recording, and is currently finishing a number of projects and has been regularly performing in New York’s bars and churches either solo acoustic, with various bands, or a new Irish music project with Eric Kaye - the Sharkey Finns, or around Sydney with guitarists Michael Dolce, Steve Crain and Saxophonist Spike Mason as well as CC Entertainment’s “1977 - The Hits”.

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