December 9, 2018



Among the vast ocean of mainstream, middle of the road personalities there stands one woman: a fearless creative force who is passionate about music, life and people. ALPHAMAMA is not your run of the mill singer. She is a forward-thinking, entrepreneurial artist who is dedicated to growing not only her own profile, but also the urban music scene in Australia. She is a producer, arranger, musician, stylist, hair/make-up artist, promoter, booking agent and manager packaged in a hot one-woman dynamo!

Her charismatic stage presence along with her ability to connect with people has established her reputation as a formidable performer and entertainer. Well-respected and valued among her peers, she is an influential personality in the Australian soul music scene. With rare musicality and originality, ALPHAMAMA is constantly pushing the boundaries of creative expression.

Her sound is soulful but hard-hitting, fused with the best of reggae, funk, hip hop and the 90’s flavour she grew up with. All of these elements have been major influences on her stylings along with New Jack Swing, Jazz and World Music!

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